You are not sick. You are reacting to the stress life has imposed on you.

This idea is one of many that sets my perspective on therapy apart from that of my colleagues. At Mind/Body/Soul, I use a strengths-based, integrated approach to your mental health concerns that is rooted in positive psychology and holistic health counseling. As a licensed clinical psychologist, certified health coach, and former American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM) certified personal trainer,  I believe there is a definite connection between mind and body. Using my knowledge base, I will help you to discover which lifestyle changes and healing traditions will nourish your body, mind and spirit through psychotherapy.

What ails you?

  • Ruptured relationships?
  • Poor body image?
  • Irritability?
  • Decrease in confidence?
  • Persistent sadness?
  • Excessive worrying?
  • Sleepless nights?
  • Emotional eating?
  • Loneliness?
  • Bodily discomfort not explained by medical conditions?

It is never too late to make some changes. Find out more about my services.

“As Americans, we enjoy the security, freedom, and lifestyle desired by many people around the world. But we are also overweight, unhappy, and unhealthy. We can do better.”
— Joshua Rosenthal, Founder/Director of Integrative Nutrition